Saturday, September 3, 2011

Background of KOSHISH

Koshish is a Non-Govt. organization, working for social, political and economic empowerment of poor people, protection of human rights, gender issues, right to food and environment conservation in rural and urban areas. Koshish was registered as a charitable trust on 4th August 1997.
The founders of Koshish are young and devoted activists to bring revolutionary changes in the social and economic order of the society. All of them have been active in social transformation of the society since their student days. They have participated in students’ movement for the rights of students, and better education environment. After youth movement they joined movements for social, political and economic changes at provincial level. In the course of the movement, they gathered vast experiences and ideas which converged into the shape of ‘Koshish’.
Our objective is Total development of the society starting from grassroots level. The brief profile of persons shows that Koshish has talents to explore and correct contradictions affecting the masses in the course of development.
As a human rights organization based in Patna for the last 15 years, Koshish coordinates with a large network of organizations working for community to highlight human rights violations across the state. Koshish also works directly with the community in a few districts.
KOSHISH has campaigned and lobbied on issues such as right to information, NREGA, dalit and women’s rights, Panchayati Raj system, right to education, etc.  KOSHISH has a group of experts to train activist to enable them to create awareness amongst the poor and marginalized communities on these issues. KOSHISH strength lies in its sustained interactions with downtrodden people at grassroots level on a variety of issues across urban and rural communities.

* Rupesh

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